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And don't forget, he was in his 20s." But she said they didn't have sex until later.

"I was a virgin until I was 17, almost 18 years old." She didn't want to go into the virginity thing on the radio, but they pushed, since she’s dated so many famous people.

Scott admitted that he'd banged “less attractive” chicks because it was his way of “giving back.” Scott confessed that he was informally banned from the Playboy Mansion once because he managed to bang a year's worth of Playmates (all twelve Playmates of the month).The letter explains that a few days after their last anniversary in November 2016, Moran woke to a "dime size" blood stain on her pillowcase and thought she had bitten her tongue in her sleep.The blood continued to appear for the next couple weeks, prompting a trip to the doctor, the letter says. By the middle of February, Erin could no longer speak or eat or drink.But off the screen, fans knew that Joanie really did love Chachi.Scott Baio briefly dated his TV co-star in the late ’70s/early 1980s, and he once revealed that he even lost his virginity to his onscreen girlfriend.Artie reported that Scott lost his virginity to Erin Moran and had to confront her on his new reality show.


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