Raddatepicker selected date not updating

The j Query datepicker always sets a default date, and for that it uses the current date, if none is provided with the form field.

This is a problem, if you require the user to select a Date, aka provide no default value and set the field as required, AND use the inline datepicker.

If the user ONLY selects the date everything works fine. Do not change the min/max Date of the second datetimepicker... Before you call the second dtp just put a event on before Show... something like this var time = new Date(); var time_prefs_start = ; var time_prefs_end = ; $('input[name="inp_start_time"]').datetimepicker(time_prefs_start); $('input[name="inp_end_time"]').datetimepicker(time_prefs_end); But I still have the Problem of changing the hours, minutes and seconds...

Once you start moving the time sliders it's as if the on Select function doesn't get called or gets called with bad data because at that point the min and max dates get lost and the date picker acts as if they have never been set. if you try to use on Select to change the min/max Date of the second datetimepicker, you will notice that after changing the time value of the first dtp you will get shown the second dtp instead of first... With min Date Time it should work, but it DOES NOT!

Because now, there is always something set, and the user does not realize it was set by the datepicker.

Like this, you might get unwanted submissions on your form.

I use this example for date time range and with this last dev version it works! For Timepicker, I need option min Date Time to set minimum date and TIME that can be selected.

But, this example uses utility $.datepicker.parse Date() and for Timepicker I need utility, that parses time too. Medhi, There should be functions built into the timepicker instance to do this (if I understand correctly). That example retrieves the datepicker instance with this: Medhi, After re-reading your comment I do understand what you are requesting (jhuttner may be correct to add a new issue).

In the Initialize Controls method, you provide default values for every control in the template.I see what you mean though as far as answering jhuttner's question, this example does infact use the min/max Date methods, and you report this does function properly. All that should change is the minimum date of the input. -Joseph Hey Trent, Seeing as how you said you couldn't reproduce, I thought I'd make your life (a bit) easier and put a page together.When a date in #one is selected, the actual input value of #two is changing. This is pointing at the latest dev version (as you see in the source). https://gist.github.com/742117 -Joseph I'm having similar issues. I think I traced it down to how the user interacts with the widget.The template that you defined in Date picker widget: Create the template of the control, uses the control for its main UI element.You must create an instance of the control to access the selected date.i used in the browser's JS console, to unset the form-field, or even better, use j Query('#edit-date-datepicker-popup-0-wrapper').datepicker('set Date', null); to unset the selection in the datepicker.


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