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Past pictures of cities, towns and villages in England provide a fascinating window into how the world once was.

Old photos of England from familiar places, such as hometowns or holiday destinations, make fascinating points of comparison to their current counterparts.

The supermarket's Chichester branch in West Sussex added to the disgruntlement by replacing china mugs with paper cups and sofas with wooden chairs.

Some critics pointed out the Waitrose branch in nearby Worthing still uses crockery in their cafe.

Howe, Richard Edward Geoffrey, Baron, of Aberavon, QC, for political service.

Bailhache, Philip Martin, Bailiff of Jersey, for services to the community in Jersey.

This was down to the men who’d so let down the people who ensure their wages are among the most competitive at this level.: "If you go into Waitrose you expect to be able to drink a cup of coffee from a real cup. "You see them using paper plates and cups and you wonder what else they’re cutting back on." The swap from china to paper plates took place at the same time Costa Coffee stopped running in-store cafe, for it to be taken over by Waitrose itself.Many regulars have backed the supermarket's decision, saying they were glad Waitrose took over the cafe as long as the cups and plates were recyclable. Whether rekindling memories from holiday or hometown destinations, old pictures of Scotland will generate waves of nostalgia as they prompt fond trips down memory lane.Visually discover, and read about, the history of Wales as it was captured through the lens at the time.Old pictures of the Channel Islands are a unique and interesting way of discovering the Channel Islands’ fascinating history in a visual format.


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